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The fight to save our wildlife from ocean rubbish

Marine plastic pollution is an alarming global threat to our oceans and its wildlife. Whales, seals, fish and sea birds are being threatened of starvation because of ingestion of macro and micro-plastics. Animals such as dolphins, seals, sharks and whales, are at risk of getting trapped in macro-plastic items such as “ghost nets”, nets abandoned by fishermen at sea, and struggling to get free again.

So, what can be done to save our wildlife from marine plastic pollution?

If we continue to use plastic at this rate, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, by weight. Emily Haggett, who runs the campaign Plastic Free Coastlines for the group Surfers against Sewage recognizes the need to end single-use plastics as part of the solution to the problem of marine plastic pollution.

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