‘’The issue of pellets in oceans is more than a pollution indicator, it also flags the attitude of the plastics industry to extended producer responsibility at a very fundamental level. As a Chemist and Chemical Engineer, I have always believed that we should be justifiably proud of the industry we represent and to also act to preserve the reputation of the industry.’’

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‘For Communities’

Catch Plastics works with communities to protect our oceans by initiating environmental education programmes, beach clean ups and tailored programmes for local government and councils.

‘For Businesses’

Catch Plastics aims to protect our oceans by ensuring businesses use best practices enabling pellet containment at the source. Catch Plastics offers manufacturing sites globally the chance to be ocean certified. Through the programme businesses are supported in creating a leak free plastic processing environment.


‘Ocean Plastics Report’.

Currently there are no effective tools available to collect and cleanup the accumulation of plastics and micro plastics once the have reached the oceans. Prevention at source is therefore the key action required to deal with plastic pollution and its associated impacts. Read more here about what governments, communities and NGO’s have done so far to tackle the issues and what can be done to take action.

Learn the solutions for Ocean Plastics and the Agenda for action